Does Sustainability need Digitalization?

Does Sustainability need Digitalization?

September 7th 2020 at 7pm


@L200: Langstrasse 200, 8005, Zurich

Digitalization can help to reduce travel by allowing people to meaningfully communicate from a distance. Or it creates more appetite for it, allowing them to discover other people and places that are far away?

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Social media platforms empower initiatives fighting for climate change to make their voices heard and engage people in more ecological practices. Or they replace human contact and political participation with manipulated online interactions, which depend on the existence of huge data centers that consume huge amounts of energy?

What would we do without the Internet during Corona times?

But what if the Internet as it is being developed today becomes the most destructive force toward "extinction"?

The September 7at7 event will be a round of inputs by experts, organizations, and citizens positioning themselves around the two extreme sides of the debate:

  • Is digital technology a tool for the fight against climate change and democracy?

  • Is digital technology a threat consuming vital resources and leading to dehumanization?

Participants will offer arguments for both positions and their own thoughts/strategies for dealing with the inherent contradictions in their work and everyday life, and their proposals toward concrete action: "What can we do now?"

The round of inputs will be followed by an open discussion and ideas for collaborations for materializing some of the ideas.
Participation will be possible both physically at L200, Langstrasse 200, Zurich, and online on our BBB server hosted by the Digitale Gesellschaft, accessible from 18:30 at

Opening statements:

  • Deepak Bansal, Meaning Quotient
  • Gonzalo Casas, Open Network Infrastructure
  • karlessi, C.I.R.C.E
  • Laurene Deschamps, Impact Hub (CET)
  • Michel Bourqui, Climanosco
  • Nana Karlstetter, pEp foundation
  • Panayotis Antoniadis, ISOC-CH & NetHood


  • sva, CCC-CH

Note: The main language of the event will be German but individual inputs can be given in English.

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