Open Sorcery Poetry: Soil Songs @ UrbanSoils Symposium

November 16, 6pm EST Identity_Runners will perform a live pad poetry jam screencast & reading at Governor's Island (NY) for the Urban Soils Symposium 2022.

The international art collective Identity_runners (Agnese Trocchi, Francesca da Rimini & Diane Ludin) will perform a live poetry jam with pad/voice/breath: Soils Poetry Slam & Jam Happy Hour: 6pm EST for the Urban Soils Symposium 2022

Open Sorcery Poetry: Soil Songs - A description:

Poetry can offer a period of strategic reflection on social, political and environmental conditions and is a powerful mode of inspiration and collective action.

Open Sorcery Poetry: Soil Songs assembles online a generative writing practice session.

Soil as a living matrix, a stitch and common ground between the humanities and sciences. This leads us to consider the soil/human relationship across time and space, relationships of care and reciprocity, of love and nurture. Soil Songs moves from a polyvocal lament for degraded or polluted soils and ecosystems (inviting participants to weave in their own knowledges of local soils which support them) to a joyful canticle of earth care.

For Identity_Runners writing is a conscious Act of Perception. Engaging in the act of writing as a group or loose assemblage of co-creators and accomplices can manifest as an ‘online performance.’

OSP gatherings use digital FLOSS tools (FLOSS: Free/Libre/Open Source Software) in a political act of technological recreation. Our poetic experiments combine these tools with personal perceptions to disconnect from the spotlight of digital hype. Poems are shared in the spirit of copyleft, becoming compost for the future.


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