Philosophy and Technology III

We're excited to announce the Third International Conference

Philosophy and Technology - PaT

20-25 May, 2022

The venue is the amazing city of Lecce (Salento)

The definitive schedule of the conference will be published soon!

The selected speakers will participate in the co-construction of the workshops and lectures, including:

EUCOMMEET H2020 project advancement: the async platform (Nextcloud) and the sync platform (Jitsi)

NETHOOD colleagues will present the platforms' integration advancements. We will work on the docs, following the hacker pedagogy methodology.

Special highlight for the R&D sessions on surveys and data analysis

  • F/LOSS tools for surveys: the Nextcloud form tool, pros/cons
  • F/LOSS tools for surveys: the LDAP users management, pros/cons

  • a server is up&running - maintenance party - in collaboration with L200-Zurich
  • collaborative documentation for server deploy DOCS MAZIZONE
  • RSS, RSF and other protocols for federations - the advancement from RSF
  • Directly posting in R* into webposts - R markdown techniques
  • local activities, harvesting activities, spoon carving
  • VULGO advancement
  • collaborative buoyancy techniques
  • Padology and other Situationist threads
  • infrastructure practice: DYI servers&services
  • From Digital Self Defence to Hacker Pedagogy - The Aikido Perspective (sessions every morning 9am/10.30am) in collaboration with ASD Salvatore Mergé.
  • convivium theory&practice
  • technobureaucracy and others nonsenses

remote guests from Berlin, Roma, Zurich, Siena, Bruxelles, Paris, Firenze, Lyon, La Rivière, tenuta ai due ginko, Milano and more!

Event organized in partnership with ZEI

media partners: Elèuthera editrice, radio neanderthal

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