Daily Ritual - Online performance with Identity_Runners

"Grace amounts to gifts of time spent giving room to write" is an online live hybrid performance that engages the participants in listening a podcast of speculative-SF giving, at the same time, room to read and modify or re-write the script itself for future iterations. If you missed the event watch here the recording!

"Grace amounts to gifts of time spent giving room to write" is a project of the art group Identity_Runners.

You can listen to the podcast on archive.org, or Youtube,
You can watch the event recording here.

The hybrid live performance took place on March 12, 4pm ET, hosted by the Center of Book Arts of New York.

Bring desire to give, receive, share, care, create, improvise, imagine.

For a better experience it's suggested to use headphones and a computer.

Identity_runners is a transcontinental art group formed in 1998 by the artists Diane Ludin (New York), Agnese Trocchi (Rome), and Francesca da Rimini (Adelaide). Individually and collectively they have experimented with the artistic applications and potential of digital technologies for 3 decades, employing where possible freely available tools and platforms.

They gather their feeds and generate personas (Ephemera, Discordia, Liquid_Nation) to manifest through online poetry jams/podcasts (Open Sorcery Poetry), videos (Exercises in Memory; Blood Network), festivals (Les HTMLles - Maids in Cyberspace, Montreal; TILT, Sydney), databases, hacks, publications (Hard Code; Cyberfem Spirit – Spirit of Data; Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols), residencies (World Trade Centre, NYC; Media Art Projects, London) and collaborations with sound artists, hacktivists, writers and software designers.



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