Internet, Mon Amour at De Grote Broek in Nijmegen

Sunday, November 6, 8pm, at The Klinker, in De Grote Broek, Nijmegen, open discussion and workshop with the author of the book INTERNET, MON AMOUR and C.I.R.C.E.

18:00 benefit dinner
20:00 discussion with the author of the book and hacker pedagogy workshop

Open discussion and workshop with the author of the book INTERNET MON AMOUR and CIRCEX. The workshop will take place according to the hacker pedagogy. Together we will explore and understand commercial interfaces to unveil the cognitive mechanisms hidden behind their designs. Towards a conscious and fun internet experience!

The future was yesterday, when we were inseparable from computers and smartphones, for better or for worse. Even when we would have preferred to do without them, because we knew they could prove to be our worst enemies. The global surveillance scandals of the Internet were just the tip of a icebergs, mass manipulation was just the beginning: we were all vulnerable! Misplaced curiosities, scams, identity and data theft, porn sales, haters…

Where: The Klinker
When: Sunday, November 6


Learn more on De Grote Broek website.


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