FMR - Loggia Meetups: Digital media in public spaces?

On the 2nd of June 2021 we are guests at the first artist talk of the FMR - Loggia Meetups, physically taking place in Linz (Austria) and online on a Big Blue Button room.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021 from 6.00 p.m.
Digital media in public spaces?
A hybrid conversation: online & on site around Grünmarkt
We want to contemplate the pervasive nature of digital media spreading in every corner of the physical space, and at the same time imagine its absence.
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A festival is not only an event to see art. It also creates a temporary social space in which a network of encounters is established between participants – artists, organizers, audience, or simply passers-by. It might involve an already existing community or contribute to create new connections between individuals of similar interests, yet with different views. The FMR Loggia Meetups are planned as a conversational moment dedicated to the encounter and exchange within the program of FMR 21.

Every day, from 6 p.m., the FMR loggia is open to host conversations and informal exchanges between visitors, artists and invited guests, who are welcome to join the talk or simply see who is there. Each appointment will start with some input on one of the aforementioned aspects and drift away later, following the ephemerality of the discussion. The FMR Loggia Meetups will take place both physically and online.


For a text-based exchange, an Ephemerpad platform was built to collectively document conversations that will grow over the festival period. This platform will be used to document conversations during FMR 21 program points such as the FMR Loggia Meetups: However, everyone is invited to create their own pads on as well. A public list of pads is available at The platform will be available during the festival and will disappear afterwards. Be nice to each other and enjoy Ephemerpad -:)

To know more about the Loggia Meetups from 2th of June to 5th, visit the FMR 21 website.



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