The daimons’ voice

On the 19th of March 2021, in collaboration with The John Cabot University we held the workshop "The daimons' game". During the workshop we summoned the daimon of Microsoft Teams...

It was a sunny Friday morning and, as usual for a Covid-19 Red Zone, we were all at home sitting in front of our computers. That day we were helding the workshop "The daimons' game" in collaboration with The John Cabot University. The goal of the workshop was to summon the daimons we work and study with in our technological worlds.

Why? Because we are living in a funny alternate reality populated by many new fellows – platforms, apps, cameras, etc - new technological companion species and we think that it’s time to know better our new companions and the daimons that inhabit them: how do they behave and how do we behave in these relationships? Which triggers do they pull in our bodies, which attitudes do they foster?

At John Cabot University, since one year, teachers and students join Microsoft Teams to have their classes and we decided to run the summoning experience right there. How can you summon a daimon if you don't start from the place where it lives?

We didn't have any expectation, thus we were a little scary of the shape in which the Microsoft Teams daimon was going to manifest...
All the 30 partecipants have been really collaborative and supportive, we felt the strenght of the group and we let ourselves wander in the midst of the interface without hesitation.

The experiment succeded! Here is a graphic representation of the MS Teams Daimon words realized by one of the summoners, Eleonora Davoli:

Eleonora Davoli graphic work

Here we captured for you its voice (thank you to a kind student/medium that offered her voice to research)...
Tricky isn't it?

Do you need to summon the daimon of your learning platform too? Call us! We are open!

Here the report of the workshop by JCU


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