Centro Internazionale di Ricerca per le Convivialità Elettriche

«Les métamorphoses de Circe disent que la connaissance est à l’image de l’affect»

Samir Boumediene, La Colonisation du savoir

Open seminar - seminario aperto

Politecnico di Milano

Martedì 25 Ottobre, ore 9.15, edificio B2, aula B2.2.14, Campus Bovisa Durando

Interactive games and gamification

Digital technologies & Sustainable development seminars

We've been invited by prof. Fiammetta Costa for a se...

Nell'ambito del Master Studi e Politiche di Genere dell'Università Roma Tre, all'interno di Tecnologia Critica: una prospettiva femminista hacker, il 4 giugno conduciamo un modulo di Informatica Conviviale.

We're excited to announce the Second International Conference

Philosophy and Technology - PaT

25-28 May, 2021

The venue is the amazing island of Pithecusae (Ischia)

The definitive schedule of the conference will be published soon!

A hands-on auto-ethnographic workshop hosted by CIRCE using the Hacker Pedagogy method.
"Know thyself - know your daimons"

online. Digital platform provided by C.I.R.C.E., NetHood and

Organised by the Visual Sociology Lab (Genova) and NetHood (Zurich)

The second of a cycle of seminars which aims to extend the boundaries of the social sciences by integrating other languages and fields of knowledge. In order to attend, please register sending an e-mail to jacopo.anderlini [ at ] before the 3rd of March.

On the 6th nd 7th of January 2020 C.I.R.C.E. runs a seminar at the Anthropocene Campus Lisboa Parallax.

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